My Lending Guy

Removing the headache from getting a home loan

Kurt Wallack of My Lending Guy (MLG) utilizes over twenty years of financial experience to help you find the mortgage option that fits you.

MLG is here to help
Informed decision-makers make the best decisions. MLG is here to keep you informed of market rates, industry trends, economic factors and more. Pulling from Kurt’s varied knowledge base and network of industry professionals, MLG ensures that you have the information you need to select the best loan for you.

The 1st step
Step one in the process is the Mini Application, created to determine how MLG can help. The application form is free, easy, secure and non-binding. The more information you provide, the better MLG can assist you. All information provided will remain confidential.

Services provided
Loan structuring
Rate analysis
Realtor referral
Attorney referral

MLG works with clients across North American and the U.S. Virgin Islands.